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Welcome to Clarion Libraries' Study Abroad Programs LibGuide. This LibGuide is designed to support the research needs of Study Abroad Programs students studying or planning to study at many international campuses. Information support is focused on Clarion University's affiliated schools abroad where courses are offered. Affiliated schools are for student exchanges between partnered institutions. Please check the past newsletters on the second tab for related study abroad events. Please click on the tabs above to access resources and campuses available for each country.

Please note: Study Abroad is not limited to these affiliated schools.  Study opportunities recognized by Clarion University in other countries are also available through Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA). 

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Building Bridges to Establish International Partnerships: The Nuts and Bolts explained how to start international library partnerships to exchange knowledge and staff.. Presented by Sandy Chen, and Dr. Richard Blake, librarian at Waynesburg University.

To see the ALA IRRT Annual Programs go to:

The videos are available for download to your own computer:


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