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Library Login Information: Remote Access/Login Introduction

This guide explains the login procedures needed to access various library resources and services.

Remote Access/Login Introduction

When accessing the Clarion University Libraries' services, you will find that you are sometimes prompted to login with your Library ID Number or with your MyClarion Username and Password:
Library ID Number

Students:  Your Library ID number is 9 followed by your Clarion ID number.  For example, if your Clarion ID number is 12345678, then your Library ID Number would be 912345678Help in determining your Clarion ID number can be found here.
Employees:  Your library ID number is your employee ID number (from your pay stub) with as many leading zeroes as necessary to make a nine-digit number.
MyClarion Username and Password

This refers to your My Clarion username (without the "") and MyClarion password.  Students:  This is NOT your Eagle Mail username and password.  Click here for more information about your MyClarion login information from the Office of Computing Services.
   Student Example:  "Adam B. Clark" would log in as:  s_abclark
   Employee Example:  "Adam B. Clark" would log in as:  aclark

If you are having problems with your username or password, you may need to synchronize your password.  To do this, click here and select the "change your password" link.
If you continue to have trouble connecting to the library's resources, contact Bill Trimble, Systems Administrator at 814-393-2017 or send him an email at the Libraries' Systems Office.

Subject Guide

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