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Open Access (OA) Journals: Home

A Guide to Open Access Online Journals on the Internet including full text to scholarly articles online.

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Open Access Journals

This guide is intended to be a quick stop for sources of Open Access (OA) online journals on the Internet.  Full text articles may or may not be available on the websites. The University Libraries are not responsible for the full text access maintenance of OA online journals, including changes in the publishers' interface and coverage.

Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.-- Peter Suber



Looking for an article provided through the Library's subscriptions?

Journal article citations usually look similar to this:

Lastname, A.B. (2008). "Title of article." Journal Name. vol. 5, issue 2, pages 9-20.

Search the Library Catalog or Journals/Magazines A-Z  for the Journal Name to see if Clarion University Libraries subscribes to the journal.
You may see online version and print version records in the Catalog or the A-Z List for your Journal Name.

·  For online version of the journal, click the web link to the journal article level.

·  For print version of the journal find the volume and issue numbers on the record. Go to the Periodical section at Level 1, if the journal is less than 9 year old. For the journal in print format older then 9 years, ask Circulation or Reference Desk for help.

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